Monocibec is inaugurating a new program dedicated to exterior wall cladding to allow architects, designers and engineers to use the excellence of its production in the implementation of projects with high technological value. From today, Monocibec fine porcelain stoneware slabs are a high quality choice for ventilated walls with visible and or hidden fixings, with the possibility of incorporating shading elements, and visible or hidden glued facades. Ventilated and glued facades are used for the cladding of new buildings and the renovation of older ones, both in public and private/residential constructions, giving designers maximum freedom in their compositions. Numerous Monocibec collections lend themselves to the construction of exterior walls and adapt to give the desired aesthetic solution, be it stone, wood, marble, cement or resin. The program has been developed by Fincibec Engineering, the technical division of Monocibec which supports designers and clients in their choice of materials, in finding aesthetic solutions and in the selection of the best specialist firms for design, implementation and realization. Download Monocibec_Pareti_Ventilate.pdf