The Fincibec Group has three production facilities equipped with latest-generation technologies, guaranteeing an overall annual potential output of more than 10 million square metres. The absolute excellence and great quality of Fincibec ceramic surfaces are known worldwide as a result of a long-standing industrial tradition, based on experience and continuous plant improvement. Through the Monocibec, Naxos and Century brands, the Group produces decorative and technical stoneware wall tiles and porcelain stoneware floor tiles in a large variety of formats, thicknesses and finishes for the most different applications. The Fire and Over brands specialise in the production of aesthetically distinctive ceramic slabs with innovative technical characteristics, used to cover floors and walls and to create interior design elements.

In total, the Fincibec Group has four grinding mills to crush the raw material and two atomisers to produce the ceramic mix supplied to 10 pressing, drying and glazing lines, a continuous slab production line and five kilns. All the lines feature digital decoration and use the Digital Jet System (DJS) developed by the company. Production is completed with six cutting, squaring and lapping lines, while 10 sorting and palletising lines handle the tiles prior to shipping. Logistics is managed by three specific platforms located in Roteglia, Solignano and Sassuolo, with Sassuolo equipped to meet the specific requirements of stocking and handling slabs.

Attention to eco-sustainability throughout the industrial production process is a cardinal principle at Fincibec, which is committed to using raw materials with a low environmental impact and to limiting consumption of natural resources such as water and natural gas. Specifically, the Group employs a cogeneration system to produce its own electric power, dramatically reducing emissions into the atmosphere.



The Fincibec Group story began in Sassuolo in the 1950s when the first factory was set up in Via Magellano, now the location of Fincibec Campus, to produce tiles in fine porcelain stoneware, a cutting-edge material at a time when ceramics production consisted largely of double-fired tin-glazed maiolica ware. The Fincibec production cycle was soon enhanced with the installation of automatic decoration machines and, above all, of atomisers, then an unknown technology that is now an essential part of ceramics production all over the world.

At the beginning of the 1970s, Fincibec commenced production of frost-proof light single-fired floor tiles (glazed stoneware); within a few years, this innovation had revolutionised ceramics production, not only in Italy but around the world. 1981 saw the opening of the factory in Sassuolo Casiglie, to meet the ever increasing demand for single-fired floor tiles. Expansion continued in the 1990s, with the start-up of operations at the facility in Solignano, which specialises in stoneware wall tiles, and the factory in Roteglia, for the production of technical fine porcelain stoneware.

In 2017, Fincibec launched its first ceramic slabs on the international market, produced with the Continua+ technology developed through an important investment, technology and structural renewal program, which led to the debut in 2018 of the new Fire and Over brands.

Ceramic quality

Innovation and technological research are the drivers of the high quality that has always been a distinguishing characteristic of the Fincibec Group. Total quality, at both the aesthetic and the technical levels, attested by many process and product certifications.

The Group’s constant commitment to its commercial partners and end customers is to provide top products and support services, all aimed at improving the quality of life and the environment.

For many years, the Fincibec Group has pursued a careful industrial ecology policy and structured its entire production cycle to deliver special guarantees for environmental protection. Every stage, from the quarrying of the raw materials through to packaging, is geared to ensuring rigorous respect for the environment and for people.

The Group’s determination to be a market player active in research, divulgation, information and training lies at the heart of the creation of Fincibec Campus, a dynamic multifunctional open space where Fincibec hosts sales people, designers and installers to illustrate the technical characteristics of its products, installation systems and application methods.

The Fincibec Engineering function has developed technologically innovative solutions for the market such as ventilated walls, raised floors and special items for the construction of swimming pools and wellness areas.

The Fincibec Group follows the Made in Italy code of ethics promoted by the Italian industrial ceramics association, Confindustria Ceramica, and is committed to full transparency on the origins of its products. With the “Ceramics of Italy” mark, Fincibec attests that its products are wholly designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.