Surfaces take on the intriguing allure of metal and architecture uses new solutions like porcelain stoneware to create the aesthetic appeal of metals with a guarantee of otherwise unthinkable performance and practicality.

Whether they are used as structural elements, furnishing accessories or purely for decorative purposes, metals have the power to catch the eye and set the style of a room. The deep tones of iron and bronze evoke a vintage industrial style; the gleam of gold and silver creates a mood of glamour and luxury; the versatile density of steel can be used to enhance other materials; the chromatic originality of corten, transformed into a sophisticated and elegant surface for interiors, interprets the desire for eclecticism in modern residential and public architecture.

Aesthetic research into metal oxidation has discovered colours and nuances that are as unusual as they are appealing. Ceramic floor and wall tiles inspired by special oxidation treatments on sheet metal create original surfaces with a mixture of colours, for highly decorative textures.

Blade, Monocibec