Complex and multifaceted workspaces

The traditional office

The workspace in its most traditional sense houses numerous workstations and, potentially, workers engaged in different activities. Contemporary offices are multi-tasking environments where it is necessary to place desks, meeting tables, mobile and fixed seating, partitions and modular furniture elements that configure environments according to the actual needs.

The rooms can host meetings, refresher courses or other events where reorganising the space is fundamental, especially when the office space is small. The same place is required to meet multiple needs through strategic choices of materials, finishes and furnishing elements.

Meeting room with Monocibec Arcadia porcelain tile flooring
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Refreshment points

The simultaneous presence of many people for many hours each day makes it valuable to have a break room or even a small kitchen with tables and handy appliances. An area designed and equipped for quick breaks, where drinks and food can be taken away from the desk.

Monocibec Blade
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The workstation at home

The widespread diffusion of new technologies and advanced communication tools has made it possible to transform part of the home space into the workplace. It can be a real home office, a room dedicated and reserved for the professional sphere, or a space created within rooms with other functions, equipped with everything needed for WFH.

The study corner in the living room, kitchen or bedroom requires careful planning to ensure that it is aesthetically integrated with the environment in which it is located, especially so as not to influence its main use. The choice of materials contributes greatly to the beauty of these spaces, sometimes defining functional partitions with dedicated colour effects. But the technical features are also crucial, to ensure maximum hygiene for those who live and work in the same premises.

Monocibec Evolution
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Porcelain tiles

Porcelain stoneware floors guarantee maximum functionality in all work environments, from traditional to most innovative ones. The wear resistance of the ceramic material is indispensable for maintaining the beauty of the surface with heavy traffic and when chairs or furniture are moved frequently.

Monocibec Pietre Naturali
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The variety of aesthetic inspirations, surface finishes and sizes available allows designers to use stoneware as a characterising element. Especially in more traditional offices, the high fragmentation of space can be compensated for by installing the same floor material in all rooms. The uniform aesthetics contributes to a place with an uncluttered design that is versatile when replacing furniture.

The Quinquennial Tile Award

Fire-proof, non-toxic and free of harmful substances, porcelain tiles are easy to clean and sanitise, which is essential in all types of office and home office spaces such as kitchens. In these cases, as well, ceramic worktops also simplify hygiene management, when it is unavoidable to place laptops and mobile phones on surfaces that could be used for meals or come into direct contact with food.